Tradelifting is performed with 3D mezoniti.
This procdure is a real revolution in cosmetology because you can reach the effect of lifting just after the first session which can be compared to surgical lift.
The technique consists of setting self-absorbing threads which enable 3D face modeling (and body as well).
In which cases is tradelifting used?
– Chin and lower third of the face sagging (gravitational ptosis);
– Longitudinal wrinkles and wrinkles on the forehead, mouth and neck;
– Wrinkles before and behind the auricle;
– Eyelids and eyebrow line sagging;
– Prominent nasolacrimal furrows;
– Prominent nasolabial wrinkles.
In which cases is tradelifting prohibited?
– Acute infectious diseases;
– Blood diseases;
– Oncology;
– Autoimmune illnesses;
– Pregnancy and breast feeding;
– Non-absorbing implants;
– Epilepsy and psychological illnesses.
The procedure is absolutely painless.
Considering the purpose, 3d mezoniti are divided into:
– Linear (“mono”) mezoniti are for face lfiting, eye wrinkes removal, neck sking rejuvenation, lifting or correcting the chin line.
– Spiral (“multi”) mezoniti are for mimic wrinkes, nasolabial wrinkes smoothing, sagging eyebrows lifting, second chin removal.
Needle ( with notches) mezoniti are universal, they are used for lifting any part of the face.
In one word, this is an ideal procedure for long-term lifting, and effect of face lifting without surgical intervention.