Removing the undesirable body hair… It is a tiresome topic…
Now, many saloons offer their services of any type of epilation with different prices. The results differ; some might get rid of the body hair, and some might be left with burns and in-grown hairs due to the qualification of their “masters”.
However, before epilation it is required to indicate the skin color-type, allergies and to test the drugs tolerance. And only after that the dose of rays can be set.
The same case is with the wax epilation. Many-day red sports, ripping the surface of skin, in-grown hairs, allergic reactions are frequent side effects of unprofessional wax epilation. Besides, in case of long-lasting low-quality wax epilation skin loses elasticity and ages fast.
Our centre offers a painless, effective and quick laser-epilation Candela. But for those who cannot have laser-epilation there is a decision as well.

For these clients we offer no less effective wax epilation made by quilified masters.