Ultrasound cleaning is a method of hardware cosmetology which removes any dirt and gives your face a healthy look. It is based on using high frequency sound waves which penetrate the skin and remove makeup remnants, dust and skin fat.
Apart from that, sound waves provide your skin with micromassage, improving blood cicrulation and lymph drainage.
In which cases is ultrasound cleaning applicable?
– extended pores;
– low turgor and skin tonus;
– dull, loose skin;
– blackheads;
– deep greasy plugs.
In which cases is ultrasound cleaning prohibited?
– pregnancy (any period);
– oncological illnesses;
– inflammable processes;
– cardiovascular system diseases.
Thanks to the procedure, the pores are cleaned, they become less noticable, skin breathing is significantly better.
The procedure lasts for 15-20 minutes.
Recommended amount of the procedures for the maximum results is 4-8 sessing in the period of 1,5-2 weeks.

On the daily basis, our face is exposed to wind, sun, frost, dust etc. which results in clogged pores and bad skin breathing, lack of elasticity, pimples and spots.
Mechanical cleaning is a method of removing stratum corneum of the epidermis and excess sebaceous glands. The procedure helps to remove dirt, dead cells, sebum and bring back the freshness.
In which cases is mechanical cleaning used?
– extended pores;
– acne (blackheads);
– excess of the sebum;
– low skin tonus;
– comedones.
In which cases in mechanical cleaning prohibited?
– acute forms of dermatitis;
– herpes;
– eczema;
– menstruation or PMS;
– very dry skin;
– furunculosis;
-bronchial asthma;
– blood diseases.
How often should you do it?
Depends on the skin condition: for oily, dirty skin it is once every 10 days, for normal skin – 1-2 times a month.

Combined facial cleaning is a mix of manual and ultrasound types of facial cleaning which is considered to be the most effective. Manual cleaning is a blackheads, cysts (wens), corneous flakes removal made by hand or with the help of a special metal loop (a spoon of Unna or Uno). Ultrasound cleaning is combined with manual for the minimized skin traumas.
In which cases is combined cleaning used?
– blackheads, pimples, black dots;
– oily skin;
– greasy plugs;
– furuncles;
– dull, unhealthy skin color;
– keratosis;
– uneven, bumpy skin;
– low tone of skin integument;
– inflammations;
– edema;
– little scars, stria.
In which cases is combined cleaning prohibited?
– oncological diseases;
– skin traumas;
– cardiovascular system diseases;
– high blood pressure;
– second half of pregnancy;
– herpes.
Combined cleaning of the face is a one-time procedure. The recommended frequency of the session is 2-3 times a month.