Permanent eyebrow tattooing at the moment is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. The technology involves injecting coloring matter into the epidermis layers which stays on the skin for 3-6 years. The result of this are symmetrical, volumnious eyebrows. There are several methods of permanent makeup.
Hair techonolgy is applied for covering scars or in case of ruining the eyebrow shape with tweezers. Technology creates natural hairs which repeat the shape of your eyebrows.
3D technique is a relatively new method of coloring which can recover the visibility of eyebrows in case of hair absence in the area of superciliary arches or in the places of bald spots.
Shadow feathering is used to correct pale eyebrows outlining their natural shape. Shadow feathering is applied on hair and makes an effect of expressive, thick eyebrows.
In which cases is eyebrow tattoos are contraindicated?
– pregnancy and lactation;
– acute chronical diseases;
– renal and hepatic insufficiency;
– diabetes type-2;
– psoriasis;
– herpes;
– hypertension;
– allergy;
– epilepsy or psychological illnesses.

Permanent lip tattoos are a perfect decision for women who are active and often don’t have time not only to correct their makeup but for makeup in general. Thanks to permanent lip tattoo you can achieve beautiful volume, visually lift your lip corners and make your lups brighter.
Depending on the color and volume that a client wants to achieve there are several methods of permanent lip tattooing:
Contour helps to get rid of blurred lip contours and gives you an effect of lip pencil. This method is used if nothing but lip shape definition has to be corrected.
Contour with feathering – this method, aside from defining the lip shape, makes your lips look brighter. Feathering can either partial or full. Full feathering does not suit thin lips because it can cover their already little volume.
3D techonolgy is method which involves game of shadows and colors which allows to make your lips fuller without any injections.
Duration of the procedure is between 30 mins and 3 hours depending on the desirable effect.