Highlighting is a way of dyeing which involves coloring separate strands of hair. The principle of this method is that your natural color is mixed with the color that you choose for dyeing.
The purpose of this type of coloring is to visualize the volume of your hair and to outline the depth of the color.
There are several ways of hair highlighting:
– Traditional highlighting includes even coloring of the strands that are 3-5 mm wide along the entire length of the hair.
It consists of 2 steps: bleaching and toning;
– “Salt and pepper” highlighting is a highlighting with ashy shades toning;
– Californian highlighting – an effect of burnout – creating smooth transition from the roots to the tips of your hair.
– Hair bronding (Brown + Blond) is a technique of creating smooth transitions between two colors.
– Balayage – the main feature of this technique is an intense border blurring between dark and light shades.
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