Biorevitalization which is translated as “natural revival” is a method of prevention and healing any cosmetic imperfections with nourishing your skin layers with hyaluronic acid.
Biorevitalization is used for face as well as for neck, decollete and hands.
In which cases is biorevitalization used?
– wrinkes;
– dehydrated and dry skin;
– UV;
– post-surgery, laser or chemical skin traumas;
– unhealthy skin color, pigmentation, dark circles under the eyes;
– problematic skin: expanded pores, high fat content.
In which cases is biorevitalization is prohibited?
– individual hyaluronic acid intolerance;
– oncology;
– pregnancy or lactation;
– acute chronical diseases, high temperature;
– autoimmune illnesses;
– neoplasms on the skin ( moles as well ), scars that grow as tumor.
The procedure is dedicated to women mostly from 25 of age.
The effect is noticeable after 1-2 sessions.
The result is preserved for 3-6 months, in some cases for years.

Botulinum therapy is a procedrue which correct and prevents your mimic wrinkes by relaxing the facial and neck muscles injecting Dysport, Xeomin and Botox.
In which cases is botulinum therapy applicable
– crow’s feet around the eyes, pouch wrinkles on the lips;
– wrinkles on the forehead, nose bridge, neck;
– sagged mouth corners;
– increasd sweating.
In which cases is botulinum therapy contraindicated?
– pregnancy and lactation;
– oncology;
– acute infectious diseases;
– while taking anticoagulants or having problematic blood coagulability;
– inflammable processes in the target area.
The procedure lasts for 15 minutes for one area.
The effect shows up in 2-3 days and lasts from 3 to 6 months.
Recommended frequency of the procedure is 2 times a year. With every new procedure, the amount of the drug decreases and the result lasts for longer.