Probably at least once in a life, each of us wished to stop taking vitamins for strenghthening our nails and just get nail extensions like in these magazines… And that’s totally fine! But right away you have the controversial thoughts: “Is it comfrotable?” “Is it unhealthy?” etc.
We can answer to this question with one sentence: “It depends on your master’s talent!”
Currently we apply nail extension in three methods:
– Gel extensions. Gel passes air, your nails breathe, nail plate get stronger and continues to grow.
– Shape extensions. The method includes giving your nails desirable shape with the prepared templates.
– Tips extensions. It is a method which involves plastic blanks that repeat the shape of your nails and are attached to the tip and 1/3 part of the nail. Then the acrylic layer is applied and you can create any style.
The masters of The Science of Beauty will create for you these desirable long nails and, most importantly, safely and comfortably.