Facial mesotherapy is a method of fixing the cosmetic imperfections with injecting special medications and vitamin into your skin. The method has been known for already 150 years and is applied for about 50 years. It was found bt Dr. Pascal. By injecting the anesthetics into the patient’s skin, he discovered that pain disappeared among with some other illnesses.
The type of medicament which will be injected depends on the character of the skin disease. In most cases they are mesococtails which contain antioxidants, microelements, amino acids, etc.
In what cases is this procedure applicable?
– wrinkles, tired skin, dark circles and bags under the eyes;
– skin color change, pigmentation spots;
– acne (blackheads) without exacerbation;
-porosity, skin greasiness and dryness;
– couperose;
– rehabilitation after surgeries, peeling and laser polishing of the skin.
In which cases mesotherapy is contraindicated?
– oncological diseases;
– allergies;
– diabetes type two;
– renal insufficiency;
– vascular pathology;
– pregnancy ( 3 trimesters) and breast feeding;
– hemophilia;
– epilepsy;
– taking anticoagulants and disaggregants.
How is the procedure performed?
On the consultation, doctor examines the condition of your skin, concludes the main issues which are going to be fixed with the help of mesotherapy and also presence of any contraindications.
Procedure is performed with local anesthesia which makes it painless.
The amount of sessions depends on the condition of the skin, the issue and the age of your patient.
For example, the removal of the bag under eyes requires approximately from 1 to 4 sessions, which are performed once in 7-10 days.

Mesotherapy of hair.

For having luxurious hair, you need to pay attention to the health of your hair follicles and sufficient amount of nutrients. In this case the help of mesotherapy can be considered. Its main purpose os preventing hair loss and the intensification of hair growth.
In which cases is hair mesotherapy applied?
– hair loss, baldness;
– split ends;
– friability, driness and dandruff (seborrhea);
– hair structure changes after pregnancy;
– hair growth slowdown after surgeries, taking medicaments, diets, dyeing etc.;
– premature graying.
In which cases you should not use mesotherapy?
– pregnancy and breast feeding;
– oncological diseases;
– intolerance to mesococtail drugs;
– endocrine diseases;
– weak immune system;
– hemophilia;
– menstruation time;
– while taking anticoagulants and disaggregants;
– epilepsy and psychological illnesses.
Depending on the issue, hair mesotherapy may be oxygenous, multicomponent, microelemental, homeopathic, etc. The ingredients of the coctails include such healthy and crucial for hair growth elements as zinc, selenium, copper, magnesium, hyaluronic acid, vitamins (B, C, A, E and other groups) fatty acids, aminoacids, ferments.
The procedure is also painless. For reaching the needed effect 8-10 (1 session) procedures are required.