One of the effective and at the same time enjoyable in comparison to other figure correction procedures is massage. The main trait of the figure correcting massage is the improve of blood and lymphatic circulation of the tissues which causes the fat loss.
There are several types of massage which are applied in our centre:
Medical. The massage invloves skin rubbing, pressing, patting which actively influence the organs and makes your body toned, relaxed and thinner.
Hardware. This type of massage provides with deep vibrating signals invasion which increases the effects of weight loss. Thus, the processing of elastin and collagen, which have rejuvenating effect, increases. The blood microcirculation and the speed of calorie burning are improved.
Fitness. The special trait of this massage is the usage of warming-up drugs to heat up the muscles which also provides with fat loss.
Acupressure. Our bodies have biologically active spots that are responsible for metabolism. Influence on these spots can improve the metabolism, shut down the hunger and help get rid of bloating.
Anticellulite. It is a method of influencing the cellulite spots with rubbing, pressing, vibrating and with the usage of medical oils and creams.
Anticellulite massage is applied in the course of 8-10 procedures.
Classic. The effect of weight loss is achieved by indicating the massage moves due to lymphatic moves. The procedure starts with petting and is continued with rubbing, pressing and squeezing.
Relaxing. The way of improving the whole group of body muscles and their tonus not only relaxes but helps the weight loss if applied correctly.
Stone therapy. The influence of stones imroves the blood circulation and metabolism which leads to fat reserves destruction. Hot flat stones placed on the belly decrease your appetite which helps you eat less amounts of food. And alternation between cold and hot stones provides with the increase of detox and calorie burning.
Swedish. The type of massage which involves tips of fingers that pressure the needed spots along the entire depth of the tissue.
Hygienic. Sustaining type of massage which is applied along with other types. Hygienic massage also improves blood circulation, provides with detox.
Aroma massage. The method of massage that includes the usage of aromatic essential oils that stimulate metabolism, improves the bowel operation and helps to get rid of excessive liquids and toxins.
Canned massage. In other words, vacuum massage, subsidiary weight loss method that is done with the negative pressure on the skin surface which improves circulation and detox. As the result, cells have more oxygen. The improvement of the blood circulation in the pressure spots provides with fat cells destruction.
The best individual method or group of massage methods is indicated after special examination by our specialists.