Every woman dreams about thick eyelashes…
Recently because of that we were searching a perfect mascara for eyelashws volume… But now, this problem can be fixed quickly and you can achieve thick eyelashes in several minutes.

It is important to choose right eyelash material and method. The Science of Beauty crew will help you with that.
Extendable eyelashes can have length between 6 and 17 mm, in black or brown color. If you wish to achieve very volumnious (doll-like) eyelashes, 3D-extensions are recommended.
The method consists of growing 2-3 artificial eyelashes for one natural. For women who love to experiment, there are eyelash extensions on different colors. Thanks to master’s talent, you can get very beautiful and not at all vulgar results.
Blue and purple eyelashes are a perfect contrast for brown eyes, outlining their beauty.
Green eyelashes create an ideal harmony with hazel and brown eyes. Colored eyelashes look especially impressive if you use 3D-extensions.

Yumilashes is a procedure created in Switzerland the purpose of which are long, curly and, most importantly, natural-looking eyelashes.
Yumilashes consists of 7 steps in the following order:
1. Cleaning your eyelashes from dust and grease.
2. Curving your eyelashes in a desirable way ( “natural”, “cat eye”, “baby-doll”).
3. Liftin – applying LIFT medium which opens every eyelash flake and allows to start the next step.
4. Filling and fixing with ‘Fix’ serum which fills every eyelashe and increases its volume by 30%.
5. Filling with YUMItmTINT gives your eyelashes brightness and makes your eyes expressive.
6. Nourishing your eyelashes with vitamins along the entire lenght and closing every flake.
7. Keratin saturation includes applying keratin gel-ink which is a home-like care and provides your eyelashes with long effect and healthy eyelash growth.

The effect lasts for 2,5-3 months.