Care procedures are performed for supprting skin functions and preventing premature aging.
In “The Science of Beauty”, we perform following programs for facial skin care:
– Moistening;
– Rejuvenation (intense aging prevention for sagging or dry skin);
– Lifting (preventing and healing the aging changes of the skin on the dermal level);
– Healing the problematic skin (acne);
– Anti-couperose (reduction and strengthening of blood vessels, facial skin smoothin and moistening);
– Reconstruction ( after hard cosmetological procedure).
As a result of the procedure, problems such as extended pores, couperose, allergies, skin sagging, driness, swelling, scarring, hyper-pigmentation can be solved.
Care procedures are performed by applying different masks, creams,rejuvenators, concentrates. But the main role in the procedure plays the massage which is included in every care programs.
The procedures have no age restrictions.

Professional facial massage is a great method for reaching tight, fresh skin and also to get rid of wrinkles.
Which effects can be reached with the help of the facial massage?
– intensification of blood microcirculation and lymph drainage;
– preventing wrinkles;
– improving skin tonus;
– removing puffines around eyes;
– lifting the skin of the forehead, cheeks and chin;
– improving the skin color.
Professional facial massage is usually performed by courses, each of which includes 10 sessions. An optimal age for the start is 27 years.
The after effect is noticeable right after the procedure, the skin color significantly improves and you have the feeling of tonus.